Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea – Start a Home Security Consultation Business

Here is a small business that you can start with little more than a phone and a clipboard. Home security will always be an industry with staying power and you can create a small empire by positioning yourself as a home security consultant to bring in tons of cash.

As a home security consultant, you will basically be a contractor to multiple security companies. You will create business contacts from security, locksmith, safe, IT, and construction companies, and you will recommend services to your clients.

You will heavily market yourself by doing free in-home security audits. Here, you will inventory all of the potential areas where people have weak security, including landscaping, lighting, entry doors, windows, and valuables. You will provide the customer with an on-site report of your findings and in a day or two, you will provide them with a follow-up bid to provide them with security fixes.

You will create agreements with various companies that you trust, and they will provide all of the work. This will keep you from having any inventory or a huge staff. You get a percentage of every transaction. You can also charge to do follow-up audits in the future.

You can also position yourself as a security expert for small businesses, where you look at in-store theft “shrink” as well as break-in security. You could pose as a customer and give the owner a free preliminary audit, charging them for a larger audit if they are interested. Then you can also make money once the work has been complete.

By keeping yourself as a contractor of sorts, you can grow your business by adding other auditors to follow your carefully planned-out system. Make sure you have professional looking uniforms and vehicle graphics. You will be entering into people’s homes and you need to look like you know what you are doing.

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