5 Examples of eCommerce Chatbots That Will Increase Sales and Revenue

Chatbots today are revolutionizing the manner in which people shop. They are providing improved customer experiences in product selection, shopping, customer service, and more.

According to Statista, an estimated 2.14 billion people purchased goods or services online in 2021.


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The number of active chatbots is growing at its quickest rate yet. In 2017, Facebook Messenger had 100,000 chatbots, which quickly rose to 300,000 within 12 months. This rapid expansion shows that the collaboration between humans and chatbots is and will continue to improve as time passes.

If that isn’t indication enough of how useful people find chatbots, take a look at the stats below:

  • 40% of millennials claim that they use chatbots daily
  • 64% of internet users say round-the-clock service is the best chatbot attribute
  • 67% of millennials say that they are more likely to shop from websites using a chatbot

Do you want to know how this theory of eCommerce chatbots works in practice? Let’s take a look at Masha.ai, a shopping assistant chatbot by Facebook Messenger.


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Masha.ai began as an experiment to help customers reduce the amount of time they needed to accomplish their shopping and soon grew in popularity among users. The chatbot, which was designed to assist buyers with shopping options and assist them in placing orders, also provided consultation to its users and sent them news of new stock updates.

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