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The educated employees at Pacific West Institute are retired armed forces members. Law enforcement and security have combined their years of experience and knowledge from various security-related fields and nations to develop the most cutting-edge, specialized training programs. The Accrediting Council has accredited Pacific West Academy for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET). The United States Department of Education recognizes CCET as a nationally recognized accrediting body. Pacific West Institute’s organization code is 25-1902-05, and it has received permission from the Administration of Veterans Affairs (VA) California State Accepting Council for Veterans Education here is the link

The Pacific West Academy was established in 2012 to educate individuals on the fundamentals of practical security and closer insurance. The parent company of PWA, Progressed Security Ideas, Inc. (ASC), has observed that the majority of applicants seeking to work in the security industry who are veterans work in the security field. Lack of fundamental knowledge required to become an expert Based on ASC’s extensive experience in the security field, a 104-hour educational program was developed to provide the expertise and credentials necessary to embark on a rewarding career as a security professional. You can click here for information on admissions or any other Pacific West Academy information that will be useful to you.

The development of a more extensive, detailed, and intensive curriculum started in 2016. After the Veteran Organization saw it, the Acting Chamber obtained public funding to continue tutoring and getting students ready (ACCET). The program operated under the premise that qualified security futures would leave the military and remain in their respective fields roughly equally.

The whole course, which draws on a wealth of current data, seeks to improve students’ capacity to get employment in security the board and pioneer validation roles and serves as a stepping stone to high-level instruction positions in criminal value. The Ensured Pioneer Security Master Program was launched in 2017 after its most recent development around the end of 2016 to remain aware of the objective of a beneficial task while actively performing all promoting preparation.

Where can I get a security guard license?

A subsidiary of Advanced Security Concepts, Inc. is Pacific West Institute. Pacific West Institute is powered by the ASC firm for executive protection field operations. You can receive the Executive Security Certification that will advance your career at locations in San Diego and Los Angeles.

The Western Pacific Academy is one of the top academies and education facilities for students aiming for positions in high-end security industries. It is situated in California’s Los Angeles. Their team is well-trained, competent, and skilled. The most significant institution for learners to obtain a professional qualification is thus this one. These programs on their resume will substantially impact every security-related field.

The PWA is a training organization to develop better people capable of defending the public in any situation. We frequently observe politicians, celebrities, and other well-known figures with guards. None cares how they are chosen; they are called in as security personnel.

Many people, including former service members, consider careers in personal security much like any other employment. The Pacific West Academy, which specializes in training those interested in security, may readily provide this. The participants in the training will receive credentials after the program that will aid in their employment.

To be free to apply to any organization, it is also crucial for people to get a bodyguard license. The academy’s primary goal is to educate individuals in all subjects and develop them into specialists. They will be able to compete for any executive opportunities by doing this. This company was first established in 2012. Since then, they have been examining the requirements of the applicants for a position, and numerous adjustments have been made to match the criteria.

We will continue to live if we have fantastic security skills for you, for the sake of other individuals as a career, and for your self-safety training because we are in an age of uncertainty and conflict. Because this Bodyguard certification is for you, you can become a hero by saving someone’s life with these abilities and training. You can truly protect yourself from any accidents.

Courses and licenses

12 Days Comprehensive Security Training Program

CST is the abbreviation for Comprehensive Security Training. This program is only available for 104 hours, or 12 days, in total. This program allows you to learn the critical skills that newcomers to the security industry need to succeed.

At Pacific West Institute, certification is conducted regularly so that each phase is completed by the students one at a time. Each learner may confidently understand each step and do so accurately. Their skilled team gives their pupils thorough knowledge through classroom instruction and hands-on activities.

All individuals who want to enter the security profession and take advantage of opportunities for improved work will benefit greatly from this program’s Comprehensive Security Academy by getting impressive certificates and training in programs focused on security-related issues.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) recognizes its comprehensive security training programs. They are intended to give students high-quality skills and increase their chances of landing the best and most fulfilling jobs. In addition to sharing their employers, a worker possesses all the necessary traits and abilities.

Various Programs Offered In Comprehensive Security Training Program:

Some of the different classes offered in the Comprehensive Security Training program are given below in detail:

BASIS Guard Card:

Students can enter the security field with the help of this certification program. For those seeking a career in security, this is the initial step. By California’s Bureau of Security and Investigate Services, this course has been finally finished, authorized, and certified (BSIS). This credential, which qualifies graduates as security officers and may pave the way for future professional advancement, is given to graduates.

Permit for Exposed Firearms from CA BISI:

For emergency fire situations, this course is beneficial. For an exposed fire permit, this course offers a certificate. To keep it with you, you absolutely must have this permit. A person is not permitted to carry a gun, loaded or unloaded, even if they have a license in the security industry but lack an exposed firearm authorization. A permit is required to carry it with you while performing your duties.

Baton Permit from CA BSIS:

This course is organized and aimed to impart the knowledge and talents needed to carry a baton efficiently. With a rod, teachers at Pacific West Academy provide thorough instruction and direction. For improved practice, they drill their students with a wand. The ASC and BSIS certificate of completion will grant this permission certificate for California Baton.

Detention and management:

The art of “Arrest and Control” is the most crucial and outstanding skill needed for security and self-defense. This training teaches the whole spectrum of conflict management techniques, including handcuffing suspects and criminals and managing them.


The Comprehensive Security Training Program’s entire program is the most effective. You can learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques with this course. American Instructor assists each student in finishing their first aid training by teaching them throughout the program.

39 days Program Of Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) Course:

Pacific West Academy has granted certification to the Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) program. You can advance in the high-security industries for a better job by taking the CESS course, which provides you with classroom and practical training.

These high-security jobs range from executive protection to residential protection, technical surveillance countermeasures, and administrative driving. Their main objective is to offer worthwhile and advantageous employment. Their students participate in and practice in various training programs to acquire professional skills.

Various Programs Offered In CESS:

The different courses which are offered in the CESS programs are given below in detail:

A course on operating emergency vehicles

Instructions are delivered in class and realistically applied by students while operating vehicles, according to the teachers’ teaching methods for this course. Students will practice driving at the highest possible speed, other car-handling tactics in emergency situations, and other enforcement law and executive protection scenarios.

Biological Agents:

Based on chemical agent uses this certificate. For oleoresin-capsicum, pepper spray is specifically certified. Learners will receive the best instruction and experience with chemical agents in this program and a comprehensive guide to carrying a chemical agent.

Sexual Assault:

Additionally very helpful, this course addresses the laws of California that prohibit sexual harassment and other forms of gender discrimination.

Position Available:

Students may be able to obtain a better career after finishing these courses when they finish their professional resume and head to the call for an interview. Their prospects of landing the job will be excellent, and they will be self-assured.

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