Earlier this month, the US president signed an government buy to block TikTok if ByteDance did not conclusion the app’s US functions by the middle of September. A 7 days later on, he issued yet another buy offering ByteDance 90 times to comprehensive the offer.

In June, the firm was also on the receiving conclusion of a ban from the Indian government after it blocked 59 Chinese apps subsequent a border clash in between India and China.

Mayer wrote to the Indian government indicating Beijing had never requested user knowledge, nor would TikTok change it over if asked.

ByteDance has been in talks to promote TikTok’s North American, Australian and New Zealand functions, which could be value $25bn (£18.9bn), to providers such as Microsoft Corp and Oracle, Reuters documented.

Mr Mayer only formally took up the function at TikTok on June 1. 

TikTok mentioned: “We value that the political dynamics of the last few months have noticeably modified what the scope of Kevin’s function would be likely ahead, and totally regard his conclusion. We thank him for his time at the firm and wish him perfectly.”