From the surf beaches of the south-west, the Republic of Sierra Leone rises in a flight of irregular measures to the broad plateau of the ill-described Atlantic/Niger watershed at the north-japanese frontier.
She is identified amongst the Republic of Guinea to the North, the Republic of Liberia to the East and Atlantic Ocean to the West with an area of 71,740 sq. kilometers and a inhabitants of 4.9 million, substantially of which is city dependent.

Printing is the art of reproducing originals which could be textual content, drawings or photos, possibly black and white or coloured, by various printing methods, innumerable moments. The process of manufacturing could possibly be Relief (lifted surface area), Planography (flat area) or Gravure (recessed floor). For the duration of either process ink of any coloration is transferred onto a broad wide variety of printing stock these kinds of as paper, bottles, plastic and paper normally recognised as ‘substrate (Head,1986).

Printing has experienced its origins for a long time (dated back again around 768-770 variety Japan) but present day printing could be traced to the 15thcentury subsequent the creation of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg. In Sierra Leone, printing began following the basis of the colony but the push was burnt down when the French attacked the colony in 1794. In 1796 yet another printing press was established up. At the first phases of the field, the printing press was faced with a lot of troubles among the which was that of housing as it experienced no constructing. Consequently it was very first found at Water Street, presently Wallace Johnson Avenue, then relocated to Fort Thornton wherever the present State House is and sooner or later to the Secretariat developing. Again for want of suited web-site it was moved to George Street wherever it was named Government Printing’. About 1808 it grew to become an unbiased unit whereby typesetting was carried out by hand composition employing foundry types with printing devices operated manually by foot (Davies,1997). The marketplace commenced creating into complete gear when on the 26th Oct, 1927 it was electrified and electricity pushed mechanical composition and letterpress printing machines ended up put in. All through this interval the Section was operated under the Colonial Secretary’s Office environment but right after a series of administrative adjustments it was transferred to the Ministry of Data and Broadcasting under which it operates to day. E.A.F. Brandon was appointed as its 1st indigenous head in 1950(Davies,1997).

Albeit the field has experienced a quite slow advancement because its inception and till a short while ago the field was purely a authorities worry. Even so considering the fact that the 1940s private persons started investing in the market by managing printing homes engaged in standard jobbing and newspaper creation. Notable were Humble Noble Printing, the Guardian Push and Bangmolo Press, the Bunumbu Press, Oduntor Push, New Period printing, the Commercial Printing Firm, the Day-to-day Mail and Atlantic Printers started. The operations of some of these presses was quick-lived thanks to money constraints. Notwithstanding the Governing administration Printing Office continued to increase steadily with enhanced modern technological know-how. In addition to the printing of government publications, the marketplace began printing textbooks, exercising publications notebooks and other professional work for enhance earnings, therefore reducing the country’s dependence on imported printed make any difference.

The distribute of Printing in Sierra Leone took a diverse form there is the Government Printing Department, owned and funded by the federal government the non-public sector, owned and funded by men and women and In-plant printing models owned by companies purely for their possess printing demands these as the Bank of Sierra Leone, the Bunumbu Press and that at Njala College College. Fourah Bay University has a Bindery. Presently the private sector has outgrown the Government Printing Section although the latter is the biggest single printing push, using the greatest range of employees. There are practically 30 (30) privately owned presses the major range being concentrated in Freetown. In get to deliver some enhancement in the profession, printers received with each other to variety the Sierra Leone Affiliation of Printers on the 27th November 1992,with the late Mr Lissa O. Duramany as very first President. In pursuits of their aims the Nationwide Institute of Printing and Technological know-how was established for the coaching of printers

Troubles Facing THE Sector

Huge Capital Outlay
Printing presses are under-funded. Printing is really technological and mechanic and desires funds. The price tag of machines and devices is large and demands adequate international exchange. This has still left a lot of eager and highly specialist printers handicapped in creating printing presses.

The career is one that is the very least safeguarded both from the legislative stage of see or from the printers themselves. There are several back avenue and portfolio printers in Sierra Leone these days who in most cases delight in the viability of the Printing Market far more than the qualified printers who function for the program. The resultant effect is that there is no plough-back again into the business. The introduction of the Indigenous Trade Defense Act of 1969 has carried out extremely minor to guard the sector from infiltration by foreigners, who have far more monetary power, and can effortlessly achieve accessibility to financial institution loans than the citizens.

Spare Areas and Elements

One particular major difficulty dealing with the business is the unavailability of spare parts and components. There is no graphic art organization for offering spare sections and elements. This indicates that the alternative of spares and even supplies take a incredibly prolonged time as they have to be imported. Complementing this problem is that of sustainability thanks to lack of servicing of machines and skilled workers to undertake the endeavor. What is extra there are hardly facilities for additional education to increase the great deal of printers.

Government Polices
Over the years, the federal government experienced released measures that have almost crippled the field these types of as the large import obligations, revenue tax, surtax on turnover and bank commission on acquisition of international trade. These have still left importers with no option but to reduce, or even end importing. As a consequence, lots of printers now rely on petty traders who invade these laws but at a higher expense. Around and over there is recurrent shortage of electric power provide from the Nationwide Energy Authority which deters the completion of employment. What is far more the career is characterised by absence of coordination and cooperation amongst printers absence of desire in the promotion of the trade absence of levels of competition as the awareness of what a “superior printing career is”. This has led to greed and selfishness, thus opening the door to exploitation by ‘portfolio printers’ non-printers and foreigners.

Some Remedial Measures

In buy to enhance the printing field, the subsequent are deserving of notice:

o The establishment of a National Printing Institute exactly where people today from in and outside the profession could have obtain to education services. Printers should really pull their methods in aid of this Institute .
o A graphic arts shop must be founded in which printing components and spare resources could be availed.

o All set finance and foreign trade should be available for the buy of spare components and resources.
o There must be cooperation among printers to bolster the Printers’ Affiliation.
o Printers really should guarantee continuous power supply with the provision of power vegetation to complement the products and services of the Countrywide Energy Authority. Only via the implementation of the aforementioned could the market be revived and sustained for posterity.

Printing is a person of the most important means of mass communication alongside radio, motion shots and television. In a lot of countries specially produced ones, printing is a large company in terms of yearly revenue and the number of establishments. In Sierra Leone, nonetheless, the printing industry is a rather small small business. The most prevalent elements the marketplace is engaged in are guides, magazines, newspapers, calendars, souvenirs, submit playing cards dominated writing tablets and reproduction of artwork works. Invariably this post looks at the origins of the industry in Sierra Leone, the unique types of industries that have been proven about the many years and the difficulties faced by the marketplace,.

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