What is a Certificate of Origin (CoO) for export?

A Certificate of Origin is the document that declares that goods in the export shipment are manufactured or produced in a particular country. The nationality of the product is mentioned in the certificate of origin. The Customs officials require the Certificate of Origin (CoO) for customs clearance procedures and it may also be required by the banks, importers, private stakeholders for several purposes.

There are the following two types of certificates of origin that can be issued from DGFT – 1) Non-Preferential CoO and 2) Preferential CoO.

Certificate of origin types
Certificate of origin types

The Government of India has nominated various agencies to issue Certificates of origin. The Export inspection councils, DGFT, Chamber of commerce, export promotion councils, and various other trade bodies are authorized to issue the CoO through the common digital platform.

Online Common Digital Platform for issuance of Certificate of Origin (CoO)

With increasing concerns about fraud and the need of improving the security of the international supply chain, the Government has launched one Common platform (single window) to obtain Certificates of origin.

  • The platform would provide an electronic, paperless, contactless common platform to issue the certificate by saving time and cost for exporters.
  • The application has to be done to the nominated agencies by doing an online application on – https://coo.dgft.gov.in/.[DGFT CoO Portal]
  • The CoO DGFT portal was first made functional for issuance of the preferential certificate of origin in September 2019. Since then various agencies have been added to the list of nominated agencies to get the Certificate of Origin (Preferential CoO).
  • As per the Trade Notice No. 48/2020-2021 Dated 25.03.2021 the DGFT CoO platform was expanded beyond Preferential Certificate of Origin to facilitate the electronic application of Non-Preferential CoO.

How to get a Certificate of origin in India online?/Application Procedure for the certificate of origin (CoO)

Visit the Common Digital Platform CoO DGFT Portal

  • Please visit the official website of Government by clicking on https://coo.dgft.gov.in/
  • Under the “Online Services” tab, select “Online Exporter Login”.

CoO registration
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Home page


Prior Registration on the portal

To proceed with the online application prior registration is mandatory. Class 2 or Class 3 Digital signature certificate (DSC) shall be required for online registration and application submission. Registration can be done with the help of an Email id and mobile number as per the updated IEC on the DGFT Portal.

[Prior registration is mandatory and a step-by-step procedure has to be followed carefully to avoid making any mistake. Have complete information before starting the application, read the details here – DGFT CoO Registration (Certificate of Origin for Exports)]

Log in with valid credentials

  • After step 1, you will see the below page on your desktop screen.
  • Enter your IEC number as the user name and password.


CoO registration
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Registration/Login page


Select Apply for New CoO

  • Click on Online Application for Certificate of Origin
  • After successful login with valid credentials, a new window will open. There would be the option to start a fresh application.

Find the below image for your reference

CoO Registration
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Basic Details

Fill in initial mandatory details

  • Select the type of Certificate of origin you wish to apply for from the given list of preferential and non-preferential certifications.
  • Fill out the initial details such as Free Trade Agreement type, Type of CoO, State, Issuing Agencies, Regional Offices, Issuing Offices, etc.

CoO Registration
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Basic Details

  • Under Preferential CoO, a Certificate of Origin is issued on the export shipment for which India receives tariff preferences depending on the trade agreement signed between two or more countries.
  • The Preferential Certificate of Origin is required to export to the countries which are involved in following trade agreements.

Preferential Certificate of Origin issued on the basis of the trade agreement signed between India and other countries.

  • Preferential Certificate of Origin(CoO) is also known as per the trade agreement under which you are applying to get the certificate.
  • If CoO is getting issued under the Asean – India free trade agreement (AIFTA) it would also be known as AIFTA CoO or Form AI Certificate of origin.
  • Similarly, the Certificate of origin issued under the Asia Pacific trade agreement (APTA) would also be known as APTA CoO or Form A Certificate of origin.

Fill in Details of Exporter and Importer

  • The exporter details such as the Exporter’s name country, and Address has to be filled in.
  • The importer details such as the Importer’s name country, and Address has to be filled in.

The product description has to be filled with the proper HS Code.


CoO registration online
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Exporter’s – Importer’s details

Upload Document Details

The Following Documents need to be attached –

1) Invoice Copy 2) Shipping Bill 3) Bill of Lading/Airway bill 4) Packing List etc.

Uploading a Copy of the invoice is compulsory.

CoO registration online
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Documents attachment

Declaration by the Exporter

Accept the terms and conditions given on the Declaration page, fill out the Place, Name, and Designation and submit the application with help of a digital signature.

[Check the image below for your reference]

CoO registration online
How to Apply for CoO online in India – Submission page

Pay the Government fee and Submit the Application

  • Submit the application to the nominated agencies after paying the Government fee.

The process for issuance of Certificate of Origin online gets completed here.

The Issuance of preferential CoO from the common portal is running smoothly but the system has been upgraded for non-preferential recently and the nominated agencies are still in process of registering them on the common portal to issue non-preferential CoO.

All agencies as notified under Appendix 2E are required to ensure the onboarding exercise for mandatory electronic filing of non-preferential CoO through common Digital platform latest by 31st October 2021 failing which the agencies may be de-notified from Appendix 2E.

As per the public notice 29/2015-2020 dated 18th October 2021, all the agencies enlisted under Appendix 2E of FTP 2015-20 who have onboarded on the common Digital platform to issue non-preferential CoO can issue certificates on all India basis w.e.f. 01/11/2021.

Non Preferential CoO applications directly submitted to the nominated issuing agency are also functional and would be continued up to 31st October 2021.

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