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A fun and simple approach to adding structure to your workout habit and staying motivated is to set goals for races, such as finishing your first half marathon or hitting a new personal best. And after spending all that time and energy training for this, achieving it is all the sweeter. When preparing for a race, female runners encounter a lot of the same difficulties as male runners, but there are some important distinctions that frequently go unnoticed. 

Menstruation is one of them. Most likely, you’ve heard of, and perhaps even attempted, timing your workouts to coincide with your menstrual cycle. With the help of this flexible half marathon training schedule, you may modify your running and physical training to match your fluctuating energy levels.

Here are a few helpful suggestions to have in mind both before and during the race if you have your sights set on an upcoming Nottingham half marathon

Tips to Prepare for UK Marathons

Learning the basics of standard half-marathon preparation and a few running basics can help you prepare for the race. 

  1. Select a Workout Schedule That Works for You

You need to ensure your half marathon plan fits into your current life, which may seem contradictory. It’s true that the ideal strategy might be to stop everything and complete each run on the perfect training schedule. However, this is a fact. Make a plan that you can follow through on. 

  1. Be Persistent

Strength training may not seem to fit into a Nottingham half marathon workout schedule, but it is crucial. Strength training will assist you in preventing injuries, maintaining your jogging at a faster speed, and supporting your hips, legs, and back. For the hamstrings, quads, glutes, and core, 1-2 quick, easy strength training sessions each week will do wonders. Try bodyweight exercises as well.

  1. Concentrate on the Mileage

You should be able to cross the distance if you want to finish a half marathon. Although it seems clear, many people cut corners with their mileage. You must run for at least 10 kilometres on a midweek day in addition to your weekly long run. Once you’ve reached a high baseline of fitness, increase your weekly long run. Your cardiac fitness will improve, and every part of your body will be ready for the UK marathons distance thanks to this gradual, constant strategy.

  1. Organise Your Diet

In order to nourish your body for Nottingham half marathon workout properly, you can’t just wing it. Become a food ninja by planning your meals, cooking in bulk, scheduling a day for meal preparation, and keeping a supply of nutritious snacks on hand. Meals before and after exercise should have less fat, more carbohydrates, and moderate protein. 

To control hunger, snacks must be high in protein. Don’t seek sugary artificial foods if you start to get particularly hungry as your mileage climbs. Think about fibre, protein, and healthy foods when choosing your snacks. Try hard-boiled eggs, authentic Greek yoghurt, meat-based meals, etc.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

Being kind can go a long way. Don’t worry if you aren’t moving as quickly as you had intended. Most people opt to walk the half-marathon distance. Some people opt to finish their race by running and walking. A Nottingham half marathon is still a half marathon whether you finish first or last. It’s important to note that running slower is now recognised as a strategy used by runners to get faster.

  1. Remain Hydrated

Bring a small bottle of water with you when you run, or use a hydration belt. However, if you wear a hydration belt, make sure you wear it throughout your training as well as on race day. Every twenty minutes or so, 200 ml should be sufficient. During this challenging race, this greatly aids in blood circulation and cellular function.

  1. Choose Your Pace

Finding out what you’re capable of as a runner is a tremendous chance provided by half marathon training. Most likely, you are speedier than you realise! So, throughout these long training runs, determine your exact endurance pace. You thought you could run a mile in 10 minutes. 

You might be surprised to find a comfortable speed. Your natural tempo pace can be discovered by focusing on mileage and speed throughout your training regimen. The longer you run, the more comfortable and familiar this pace will feel. It will seem possible to continue running in this direction one day.

  1. Get Enough Rest

Your energy levels will be significantly affected by the Nottingham half marathon. Additionally, this will be more apparent if you lead a hectic, stressful life. You must simply take rest and recuperation seriously if you are training for a half marathon while also working, commuting, raising children, providing for your family, acting as a mom-taxi, and managing a business. 

Start retiring sooner. Cool and darken your bedroom. Bedrooms don’t have phones. Avoid watching one more Netflix programme or late-night online browsing. Sleep is very important.

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